Server Installation & Configuration

Server Blade

We recommend considering a server once you have more than 5 people on your network. Servers are engineered to manage, store, send, and process data, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Although servers may appear to be the same as a desktop workstation, they are far more reliable. A server runs a specialized operating system designed to support many users. They run multiuser applications such as email, messaging, print servers, shared calendars, databases, and customer relationship management software.

Servers increase the reliability of your computers, improve security, and storage. They make it easy for your employees to share and collaborate, since servers act as central data stores for all your documents, images, contacts, and other important files. You can control and manage rights for users on your network, so unauthorized users won’t see confidential data. A server can also be configured to provide remote employees with access to network resources, as well as back up your user and business data.